Hi! my name is maria!

I am a passionate image image coach dedicated to help you rediscover a better version of you, with an unique style, a helthier life and a lifted self esteem.

I believe that no matter your age or which body shape do you have, you have the power to develop a great sense of Style and experience the happiness you deserve by being a better version of yourself transformed from the inside out! And I am here to help you achieve this result.


Dressing well is not important only because this interfere the way people perceive and behave around you. The most important is that changes the way you feel and behave. And you deserve to be well dressed just to have the pleasure of looking in the mirror and feeling wonderful. There is no special occasion to dress well.

In addition to Style development, my work is to encourage self-knowledge, self confidence, and offer nutritional advice.

my education

-    Business Management degree with emphasis in Marketing, graduated from Uniguaçu - Unidade de Ensino Superior do Vale do Iguaçu -  in Brazil.


- Style and Colour Consulting graduation from SGD - Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt - in Germany.


- Colour Analysis and Make up Consulting certification - from Colour Me Beautiful - The Image Consultants - in Switzerland.


-  Nutrition Consulting graduation from SGD - Studiengemeinschaft Darmstadt - in Germany.