Style and Beauty tips for her

Style and Beauty tips for her · 24. November 2017
Hello everyone! Today is the most awaited shopping day of the Year for all shopping lovers and the bargain hunters! But remember: a bad choice is a bad purchase doesn't matter how cheap a product is!

Style and Beauty tips for her · 13. Oktober 2017
Hey guys! You remember my last video about eyelashes? How to grow your eyelashes with olive or coconut oil? Today I have someone with me who have tried it and is going to talk about her experience and show the result.

Style and Beauty tips for her · 30. September 2017
Hi Girls!! I was asked by a teacher in Brazil for some tips on how to choose the best dress if you have wide hips and full thighs. Watch the video to learn which are the best cuts and the styling tricks.

Style and Beauty tips for her · 08. September 2017
Do you suffer with dry hair and you have you tried already all kind of products on the market without success? The tips I have for you are very simple and easy. And they don't even involve lots of expensive products or hair treatments. Its more about what you should not do with your hair to prevent and treat dryness.

Style and Beauty tips for her · 27. August 2017
Today´s video is for you who just like me, suffer with oily skin. I am talking about some bad habits that you maybe have, that are making the problem get even worse.

Style and Beauty tips for her · 11. August 2017
Who don´t want to have long and dense eyelashes? The cosmetics industry promises us endless miracle Products. But it´s worth to give a try? The good news is: there are very simple and natural alternatives to influence the growth of the eyelashes. They are not only very easy to find and use but also much cheaper than the cosmetic variants.

Leopard is a Trend that has never left us, but right know you see it everywhere. I chose a Skirt for this purpose because I believe is a piece which the most Women are afraid to go wrong.

Style and Beauty tips for her · 11. April 2017
Leggings are a versatile piece of any woman's wardrobe, but also a tricky one that can make an outfit look trashy if you don´t  understand how to wear them properly. 

Style and Beauty tips for her · 08. März 2017
If your answer was no, then you probably belong to the majority that runs to the store at the last minute every time when they notice the need of a new piece for an appointment, and grabs whatever they believe suits the actual occasion, without thinking if the pieces fit their body or into their existing wardrobe.   Either these pieces end at the bottom of your closet, never to be worn again or you will be trying in vain to make it work because you feel guilty about the waste.