Style and Grooming tips for him

Style and Grooming tips for him · 06. Oktober 2017
Today´s video goes especially to my friends Robert and Peter and all other guys who are thinking of or have attempted to grow a beard. For the ones with a great and well maintained beard already, please comment and add other great tips!

Style and Grooming tips for him · 23. September 2017
Do you all have at least one Suit right? Doesn’t matter if you wear it every day for work or just for special or formal occasions, you should make sure that you are well dressed. As I have seen, many men making some common mistakes when wearing a suit. I have decided to talk about it so you can avoid them and look great next time you wear yours.

Style and Grooming tips for him · 01. September 2017
Today is Friday and as most of you already know, it´s Style tip day! Today I will give you not one, but 10 tips that will help you improve your style.

Style and Grooming tips for him · 18. August 2017
Do you know what makes you more attractive to Women? I have for you a list of 7 Items that women simply love when men wear it. And they are much simpler than you think! The number 7 will surprise you!!

Style and Grooming tips for him · 04. August 2017
This video is about the 5 things you should keep in mind when choosing your t shirt.

1. Do you have a beard or mustache? A not well groomed beard or mustache will be sending a negative impression. If you have one, make sure that is well maintained.