The process

The first thing we are going to do is talk with each other. I want to get to know you, your personal style, your every day life, your likes, dislikes, your needs  and career goals. Then, I will get to work taking your measurements and some pictures. This will allow me to take the next steps in properly developing your ideal image.

1. Color Analysis:

With the color analysis we will determine the colors that suit your individual's natural skin tone. Wearing the wrong shades of colors can make you look pale, unfairly heavier, tired, and even older. Harmonious colors will enhance your natural beauty. You will feel younger, slimmer and radiant. Color affects our mood and emotions, the perception of our body type and the overall impression we make on others. When you know the colors that suit you best it becomes easier to coordinate your clothing and accessories. 

2. style consultation

The next step we will get to know your proportions and which cut and clothes style fit you best. You will learn which clothes enhance your figure and which ones it would better to avoid. You will upgrade your sense of Style, gain  more confidence and self-esteem. You will learn which fashion trends you can use to your favor and which ones you should better avoid. We will discuss your best hairstyles, haircuts and how to accessory yourself according to your face shape using jewelry, scarves, eye wear, necklines and patterns.

3. closet edit

Who of us has never been stopped desolate in front of a overflowing closet, swearing that there is nothing to wear? Here we will evaluate your current wardrobe, recycle or get rid of the pieces that do not correspond to your new "YOU". And I will learn how to create new combinations, how to dress accordingly to your personality and lifestyle.

4. Personal Shopping:

After we have made our assessment, you have learned what fits you, and in which colors you look indubitably radiant, the  time has come to renew your wardrobe.  If over crowded stores, unprepared staff, lack of time and joy of shopping has transformed your buying experience in a nightmare, I will look for what you need in department stores and online shops and bring the pieces to you. With these resources we will create looks specific to you, according to your budget, your work, your daily life and your new style goals. After we have appraised everything, you will decide, with my guidance, what works with you, and what doesn´t. The items you won't keep, I will promptly return.

your are not able to book aN in person consultation?

book my online style advice service!

This virtual service is for those who aren't at liberty  to have a Face to Face Consultation with me, or are looking for a fast solution and a smal investment. In this process I use a similar formula conducted with my In-person customers, but we will be communicating via Skype, and emails instead. This option does not include the Color Analysis, the Closet Edit or the Personal Shopper service.