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Why is your Diet not working?

Are you one of so many that want to lose weight and have tried all kind of diets already? And shortly afterwards you realize that you have put on weight in a very short time?

Why does it happen?

Every body needs a certain amount of energy for all metabolic processes in our organism. In a reducing diet, less energy is generally supplied as consumed. In response to this controlled malnutrition, the energy difference is provided by the body from the adipose (used for the storage of fat) and / or muscle tissue. The energy use is adjusted to the energy being supplied. and from fear of the next starvation period, the body spares every single calorie. Therefore when after a Diet you get your old lifestyle and eating habits back, this extra energy now delivered will be stored and a highly accelerated weight gain is the result.



how can I HELP YOU?

I will analyse your current eating habits and develop a nutritional re-education program.  You will lose weight in a healthy and lasting way. Through a healthy eating and lifestyle habit, the Yo-Yo effect can be reduced or avoided. A healthy diet is rich in variety, fills you up, tastes good and there are no bans. The weight loss is slower and enough exercise will be integrated.